Healthy Relationships are Difficult

Healthy relationships don’t just “happen.” Whether they are new or existing relationships, they can remain stressful and toxic, or they can be made healthy and fulfilling.

Paddow – The Relationship Site

Paddow is unique and exclusive, with systems, strategies and tools that position you for the healthiest relationships possible.

Our Community is Exclusive

Because one must apply and meet a standard of emotional and psychological health, we provide a community of members who are emotionally healthier than the average person, and who all want to grow and want to improve their relationships. Imagine the possibilities with that!

Apply and Join Us!

If you become a Paddow member, you will receive access to an entire community of growth-seeking, emotionally healthy people, and will be guided to having the best and the healthiest relationships you’ve ever had!

Relationship is Everything

Whether personal, romantic, family or business, if you don’t have healthy relationships, you have nothing.


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Not one Paddow member was granted access to the site by accident. Membership was not a gift or a fluke or simply a matter of curiosity. Members were able to gain access to Paddow because our screening process deemed them emotionally healthy and as having a genuine desire to have stable, healthy and fulfilling relationships. Because our screening system, once one applies, focuses on those who tend to have healthier emotional and psychological functioning than is typical, it means that membership to Paddow, should one attain it, opens the new member up to an entire online community of people who are more emotionally healthy than the average person, and who value further emotional growth, along with stable, fulfilling and amazing relationships. Don’t Date A Psycho (DDAP) is the dating component of Paddow, the Relationship Site. Single, unattached members who seek a partner engage the DDAP system, experience more refined and specific screening that details how a member is, as a person, and how a member is likely to function in a relationship. Another exclusive feature of the DDAP system: it also lets you know who NOT to date! A real time and effort saver! There are thousands of websites that can help you get dates. There are thousands of blogs and articles and fluff that give “tips” on how to deal with very cliché relationship issues. As you’ve seen, all of that stuff starts to look and sound alike after awhile. Paddow is a Relationship Site that is rooted in the principle that you have to change your mindset: about yourself, about your choices, about your partners and about your relationships, before you can even hope to experience dramatic changes in your life. Paddow provides the means to change your mindset, through unique and exclusive tools, materials, superb courses and select interactions and experiences that will transform your feelings, your actions and your realities. You will move from what you’ve always had, to what you’ve always wanted. Paddow is the home of tools, resources and materials that are found nowhere else, which means that you will likely get results that you won’t get anywhere else. It all starts with an application.